20 Sep 2013

The Frankfurt Bookfair and me

I've decided to go to the Frankfurt Bookfair again this year. Yes, it's madness; yes, my feet will fall off; yes, I will collect way too many catalogues that I'm never going to look at in any detail. Yes, the food will be too expensive for its crappiness and don't get me started on accomodation... But still. It's hall after hall full of books. And of book people. Seriously, how could one resist?

And then my former visits to the bookfair have always triggered some project or another. I've met the most generous people who were fabulous for contacts, others helped me with finding the right titles for a project (yeah, you keep trying to get an overview of what is currently being published in connection to one topic in fiction if there's nothing like a database with proper tags available...!). And some were just incredibly nice.

This time I want to focus on small publishers who put their energy into coming up with new ideas instead of whinging about how bloody awful the world's become since the arrival of amazon. I want to see where publishing on the fringe is going, and what this has to offer for us readers. I hope I'll be able to find them.

So, that's it then. I'll pack my bag, get myself on the bus on Oct 12 really early in the morning, make sure I've got an audiobook with me to keep me entertained on the motorway, and hello again, Frankfurt! Anybody else coming?

P.S.: By the way, I'm still looking for a sofa to rest my weary head on that night. I'm small and I don't snore. :-)

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